YAPELSAN Inc. On Marble began operations in 2005 in Izmir. We have quality reserves in the hearth of our HIGH AMOUNT Blocks / Slabs of Marble. Next to the block sale, Onyx, and the measured product groups Travertine stone, mosaic, with special design and project work is continuing its production activities. Yapelsan not only the quality of the marble inside the country also YAPELSAN has proved itself abroad.

Consumer-oriented production concept, the industry's expectations of innovative building products and services that reflect the best understanding of the new trends towards YAPELSAN Marble analyze competitive conditions today have no limits and are adapted in the most appropriate manner. Best investment in 'human', YAPELSAN Marble is fully aware that it's the quality of people, "quality is the best investment" to act with thought, conducts work in this direction.   YAPELSAN Marble strengthen the support of people with education, thanks to the controls made at every stage of production, certainly does not compromise the quality of their products.

Marketing and sales process YAPELSAN also holds the highest level of service quality marble, its success in this area has shown in customer satisfaction, doubling its profitability has grown over the years. YAPELSAN Marble , quality more than a goal to be achieved, it is perceived as a process that continued development and sustainability.  In this direction also it is working to improve all business processes that affect human and product quality and develop.

One of the biggest differences YAPELSAN in marble sector is to guarantee the continuity of raw materials and products made with an understanding of sustainable production without compromising quality, high stock capacity, based on the short time delivery approach with the right marketing strategy and pricing policy gives confidence to customers.

YAPELSAN marble, all these business processes, engages in designing future today.